Yoga Nidra for Cancer Patients

Conventional cancer treatments weaken the body and disturb the mind which makes it difficult to do most other beneficial yoga practices. With this practice, all you need to do is lie down, relax and follow guided instructions. You will also during the beginning and end of this Yoga Nidra need to form your healing Sankalpa, which is a focus intention made into a short positive statement that is meaningful to you. This desire will be planted within the subconscious during the practice and start to manifest. Please share this practice with anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer as a healing tool on their journey. May their complete health and peace be restored. We love you and are here for you all always.

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Yoga Nidra For Children

A meditative practice with Yogini for children to use their imagination while bringing balanced and joyful thoughts into the subconscious so they experience peace and harmony. To explore and move even deeper into these practices Yogini's Yoga Nidra Meditations is available for download in the site's shop.

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Yoga Nidra 1

Yoga Nidra 1 is a great way to be introduced to this concise practice of elevating your consciousness to a greater awareness.

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Yoga Nidra Series

Yoga Nidra induces relaxation and clears the nerve pathways to the brain, restoring imbalances and redirecting energy for healing and rejuvenation. It alters brainwave patterns to help you move into your subconscious mind, where you can change unwanted patterns of thought, behavior, and emotion. This series will be able to help you in experiencing this higher state of consciousness.

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