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Welcome to our ‘practice portal,’ where we share practical ways to change your everyday life for more fulfillment, ease, and well-being. Our intention are “Less about good ideas, and more about ‘good enough’ actions that lead you to making significant shifts.” This is how we can make meaningful change together on a day to day bases.

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Yogini & Yogi


Healing begins with getting to know yourself and what works best for your body. It’s a lifelong journey.

Looking for an Ayurvedic herbal, dietary, and healing perspective on your specific ailments and challenges? Check out our extensive library of educational, empowerment, and self-healing resources here:


All the reading and self-awareness in the world will never bring the tangible changes we seek.

That’s why Ayurvedic wisdom and Yogic science share a focus on action. Join us to understand health's mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. We’ll guide you in understanding breathing, yoga posture, cleansing, meditation, and chanting practices. All of our practice lessons are free to access and updated regularly.

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Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be peaceful.

Cultivating a life of contentment is done one small step at a time with just as much acceptance of our lows as we have for our highs. Join us for Yogic and Ayurvedic takes on popular and controversial lifestyle topics and the Root Cause TV series to expand your awareness today.


Surround yourself with like-minded souls in the Inspire Living Community.

This group is vibrant and alive with questions, expert answers, inspirational check ins, practice accountability, and encouragement for your health and wellness journey.

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The ability to improve and transform lies within every person. All that is needed is interest and effort to change your life.

~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati’

Why We Created Inspire Living

Inspire Living grew out of our desire to support people in understanding and working through their suffering to achieve a healthier lifestyle and awakening through Ayurveda and Yoga.

As one Yogi (Cameron) and one Yogini (Jaima) we can only reach so many individuals with our work. However, our online space has become a unique way for us to offer a focused, slower, and more intentional learning hub for eager seekers. The guidance and education you’ll find here are deliberately selected to address relevant modern topics and share timeless healing practices — no overwhelm, no distractions, and no ads.

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