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Community Facebook Group

Our Facebook Group is a place for the Inspire Living Community to connect with one another as a family of like minded souls. It is also the place where we actively check in with the community and answer any questions on health, spirituality and practice.

It is based on our love for delivering health and spiritual-based content which educates, inspires and empowers each member to want to do more about their wellbeing and conscious lifestyle.

We give some guidelines to everyone to post original and personal content which can be to inform or share things you are going through as you might need everyone’s support. Or to post articles or questions to become better informed and give guidance to the group.

We are all educators, seekers and supporters at the same time and this group is meant to serve as a support system on your journey.

We do ask for you not to repeatedly post lots of quotes or reposted material that becomes repetitive and takes up the group feed each day. From our experience, this makes the conversation less personal and much more detached. Enjoy your time here as we are enjoying having you join and be a part of this loving community of practitioners and seekers.

Yogini & Yogi

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Share In Giving Back

Our website is donation based so everyone has access to the knowledge and guidance. It is maintained out of the generosity of all our users. Thank you for contributing to the positive karma.

One Time Contribution

Making a one time contribution is a wonderful gesture of support for anyone using the site time to time.

Ongoing Contribution

The monthly support option is for seekers and practitioners who are using the site on a regular bases as a part of their commitment to health and spiritual growth.



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