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Ayurvedic and Yogic knowledge to apply towards a healthy and spiritual lifestyle.


Setting Intentions and Turning Fear Into Focus (Workshop)

A workshop for professionals who compete in competitions and need practices to become focused during pre competition preparations without anxiety setting in. Also there are practices for when the event is over so the body and mind don't suffer from exhaustion.


Ayurveda Series 3 - A group discussion to provoke balance

A group of us got together and discussed the five principles of Ayurveda and how to apply them to our own life. The idea behind getting together was for us to look at what these principles do in our body and mind, and how we can bring ourselves back into balance using the knowledge of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda Series 2 - Balancing the body and mind

In series 2 we will go through how to balance your body and mind by using these principles. Series one taught you what the fundamentals are and this content will teach you how to apply them to yourself so when it comes to using the knowledge, you understand how to put it into practice based on your individual ‘self’ and what and how your system functions in each moment.


Ayurveda Series 1- Fundamentals

In this first part of the series we will go through the fundamentals of the five principles of Ayurveda to best understand how to bring balance to our system through the practice of knowing:  the elements of the body and mind, agni- the fire of digestion, prakruti- our natural nature, and the root cause of disease.


Using The Dosha & Guna Test Regularly

A check in once a week with the Inspire Living Dosha & Guna quiz will give you some important insight into any major imbalances that might be taking root in your lifestyle or habits. 


Healing Herbal Kashayam

There are certain formulas in Ayurveda that have great healing or energizing properties and should be added to your healthy lifestyle. This is one such


Group Satsang

Live call where Yogi & Yogini answer questions from the Inspire Living community and go in depth into personal health or spiritual solutions and knowledge.


Philip Goldberg

In his new book, Vedic scholar, Philip Goldberg will explain why all events in our life have a greater meaning and how we should practice looking at these events so we can move through them towards a higher consciousness.


Group Satsang

This session is where Yogi and Yogini answers the group's questions on Yogic practices and Ayurvedic healing, as well as taking everyone through a meditation practice. 


Agni. The Inner Fire

Agni is the fire of our digestion system and our digestive system is the center of our physical health. Here we go in depth into how this fire is kept strong so we can ward off all diseases and future health problems.


Ekabhumi Ellik

A very special session on where the sacred Satkona (six pointed star) originates and how we use it for our spiritual advancement. Hosted by Yogini Jaima and Ekabhumi Ellik.


Yogic Books For Evolvement

Yogi & Yogini share some in depth books and authors which will help you take your practice and knowledge to a much higher level. 


How Much Protein Do You Need

Ayurvedic chef, Divya Alter, discusses the myths about protein and how much protein the body really needs on a daily bases and what the main sources of protein are.


Prevention Before A Cure

Ayurvedic lifestyle is focused on prevention before healing. To prevent a health issue is a lot simpler than to try and cure it once it settles into the body tissue and takes root. 


Mercury Retrograde

So much is said about Mercury Retrograde but so much is misunderstood or not spoken about. Vedic astrologer, Sanjeev Verma, goes into depth about this topic and how to use this time for positive change.


Group Satsang

A live call session where Inspire Living community members ask questions and discuss topics on health and spiritual practices.


Pros & Cons Of Medication

This is a question that is asked most frequently about when and when not to take medication. It really is a personal choice that needs some serious considerations.



Divya Alter

Ayurvedic chef, Divya Alter, speaks about her simple and easy to make Ayurvedic dishes from her inspiring book "What To Eat For How You Feel."

The book breaks down how to use Ayurveda as a medicine system, through watching your diet and how food is medicine when used in a healing or nourishing way. 


Benefits Of Drinking Lemon And Hot Water

As lemon turns alkaline in the stomach, it is a great addition to water for balancing the PH before eating food or having coffee in the morning.


Deva Premal & Miten

These two divine souls are renowned in the spiritual and Yoga world for their powerful chants and mesmerizing voices which take you on an inner journey. They have been Grammy-nominated and their music has been featured in many movies as well as both of them being featured in much of the press around the world.


Converting Chaos Into Positivity

In every dark or chaotic moment there are rays of light and many blessings taking place to help us remove old habits or help us to evolve. In this practice we will learn how. 


Why Oil The Body & Head

These are the two most important initial steps into an Ayurvedic lifestyle health ritual which bring vitality and calmness to the muscles, bones, scalp and whole head region. 


Yogi Charu

Spending many years with his Guru in the Himalayas, Yogi Charu will give us insight into his life and experiences and how Yoga can be used for transformation at the highest level. Yogi Charu is the master teacher of Savitri Yoga Shal (Savi Yoga).


Practice For Shifting Destiny

In the same way we plant a seed, water and tend to it until it comes from the ground and gets use to the sunlight and grows into a full plant, in setting intentions and manifesting, we follow the same process. 


Group Satsang

Live call where Yogi & Yogini answers questions from the Inspire Living community and go in depth into personal health or spiritual solutions and knowledge.


Basti. Ayurvedic Enema

One of the five panchakarmas (cleansing treatments) of the Ayurvedic medical system is oil enemas. It is a treatment for disease such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, muscle wasting and weakness or fatigue due to Vata (air element) imbalances. 


Vamadeva Shastri

Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) is a Vedacharya or Vedic teacher. He is the author of fifty books published in twenty languages worldwide. His fields of expertise include Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedanta, Jyotish and ancient Vedic texts. He has also written extensively on historical and cultural issues relative to the Vedic tradition.


Dealing With Negative People

It's one of the most asked questions and has a very simple answer but we have to be ready and willing to change our point of view and try harder at understanding the law of attraction.


Marianne Teitelbaum

In her ground breaking book Healing The Thyroid With Ayurveda, Marianne Teitelbaum speaks in depth about thyroid health and how to rethink the way we treat a lazy or over active thyroid. 

As the thyroid is the main gland for restoring and balancing our metabolism, we need the correct knowledge of how to keep it at optimal health so it never becomes rundown to create health issues.


Doggy Care 101

Keeping your best friend happy and healthy is one of your biggest priorities so let's discuss how this is done with Oskar.


Sadhvi B Saraswati

Sadhviji was raised in an American family in Hollywood, California and graduated from Stanford University. She was completing her Ph.D. when she left America in 1996 to come and live permanently at Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India. 

She was officially initiated into the order of Sannyas (monastic renunciation) in the year 2000, by her Guru, His Holiness Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji.


Living Out Every Word

What we say has power and what we think becomes true when we repeat it over and over. So what is it that you are repeating everyday which is coming true and is it inline with your intentions?


Breath Analysis

Are you aware of your breath and the odor it is giving off? The smell of your breath especially first thing in the morning gives many clues to the inner health of the digestive system.


Face Analysis

Your face skin and eyes give all the clues to how your inner health is right now and what's on your mind. 


Eye Analysis

What the eyes have been looking at for all these year has affected the mind and the health of the body as they are truly the window to the soul. 


Tongue Analysis

A quick look at the tongue in the morning will give you an idea of how healthy your intestines, organs and general overall health is.


Nail Analysis

You can tell a lot about you inner health by observing the health, color, shape and ridges of your nails.


Urine Analysis

The color, texture and quantity of your urine play a major role in your overall health. You should be analyzing it every morning. 


Sally Kempton

Sally is the author of the best-selling book, Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Yoga Goddesses, and Meditation for the Love of It which Spirituality and Health magazine called “The meditation book your heart wants you to read.” Her audio program, Doorways to the Infinite: The Art and Practice of Tantric Meditation, was recently released by Sounds True. A former swami in a Vedic tradition, Sally has been practicing and teaching for over four decades.


Baking Soda Cures

This magical compound can do much more for us than how we generally use it in baking or cooking.


Sanjeev Verma

Guided by the teachings of spiritual masters of India, Sanjeev Verma teaches seminars on Vedic philosophy, manifestation techniques, yoga and meditation to successfully empower and transform lives of his students through simple techniques. 


Make Your Coffee Medicinal

Coffee can become very beneficial and medicinal depending on what is added to it. Learning to add the right ingredients, turns the coffee from being just a stimulant to giving the body and mind great strength and energy.


Sister Jenna

Sister Dr. Jenna is a spiritual leader, author, radio and TV personality, renowned speaker and founder of the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museum in Maryland and Virginia. She serves as one of the Evolutionary Leaders in service to conscious evolution and was selected by Empower a Billion Women 2020 as one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders of 2015. She is also an Advisory Team Member of the Million Mamas Movement.


Lubricating And Cleansing The Mouth

Oil pulling has its roots in the ancient Ayurvedic treatment of the mouth and gum called kavala and gandusha.


Building Intuition Practice

Do you turn to the mind or to your intuition when you need answers and direction on important decisions? There is a big difference between the two.


Ian Baker

Ian Baker has been traveling and researching one of the oldest Tantric paths in the world. He puts to rest many of the myths of Tantra and what it is to be a tantric in the ancient system. 

Throughout his travels he has come across many yogis and yoginis who he speaks about in his book The Secrets Of Tibetan Tantra Yoga. Tantra in the ancient system and in today's modern interpretations have very little to do with each other. 


Cleansing Nasal & Brain Passages

The nasal passage leads upwards to the brain and effects our awareness and conscious thought patterns. Nourishing the passages also gives us a calm mind leading to better sleep and rest. 


Drinking Copper Water

An important practice that changes the quality of the water into a balanced liquid medicine.


Guru Jagat

Guru Jagat will be enlightening us on the path of the 21st-century woman and her role in society, at home and in a relationship. She will also expand on many Yogic philosophies to help us live a more joyful life.


The Miracle Of Apple Cider Vinegar

To neutralize stomach acid and to heal many digestive issues, apple cider vinegar can be a great option to treat the your symptoms. 


Being Part Of The Solution

Solutions are a result of wanting to reach a place of resolve and understanding which are worked through at times alone or at times with others. 


Ellen Grace O'Brian

Acharya Ellen Grace O'Brian is a teacher of the yogic and Devi path who has much experience from her many years of being on this path. In this piece she speaks about how to stay in balance while living in this material world. 


Food Combinations 1

There are many food combinations that are incompatible and create many health issues. In Part 1 of this two part series you start to learn what they are and avoid them as part of your new healthy habit.


Food Combinations 2

There are many food combinations that are incompatible and create many health issues. In Part 2 of this two part series you continue to learn what they are and avoid them as part of your new healthy habit.


Mark Whitwell

Mark Whitwell has developed an authentic yoga practice for the individual, based on the teachings of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, "the teacher of the teachers," and his son T.K.V. Desikachar. After first meeting these two great teachers in 1973, Mark realized the importance of their scholarship and committed his life to furthering the communication. His teachings clarify the profound relevance of ancient wisdom to modern times. 


Performance & Achievement

Two topics very much in anyone's mind who is looking to be successful at a higher level. But what are the fundamentals of success to you? 


Benefits Of Sugar

Sugar doesn't need to be cut out from your diet completely as it is beneficial to the body and mind. But what sugar you use and in what quantity make a big difference to your health. 


Dr Suhas Kshirsagar

Dr. Suhas will be speaking about everything Ayurveda, especially about the way the body heals and how we can use preventative measures to better the quality of our health and lifestyle.


Benefits Of Herbs

Putting herbs into the body on a daily bases brings strength and balance to our system that lasts for many years and serves us into our older age, especially when it comes to our immune health.


Vish Iyer

A direct descendent of Vashishta, one of the oldest yoga lineages in India, and then moving to the U.S, Vish Iyer gifts us with his experience of battling hardships and their bigger meaning, and how giving up should never be an option we seek to entertain.



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