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Sankalpa Series 1

Desire is the root of all human existence. It is the natural force of attraction that drives us moment to moment. The stronger the desire the more we are driven to fulfill it. 

Desires take the form of Needs, Cravings, Yearnings and Aspirations. 

For you the first step is to know:

What do you want? What are your desires? What is most important to you?

But there is a big obstacle in our way- namely too many choices. The diversity of choices confuses us and the many activities that arise from this diversity exhaust and dissipate our focus and energy. 

That’s why Sankalpa is used to focus mental energies towards one outcome at a time. It channels a vast reserve of energy within us which would normally be dissipated into many conflicting desires. A Sankalpa assists us in harnessing our willpower to achieve our goals. By creating Sankalpas we develop great mental strength to carry us through all challenges, while eventually learning to shape our own destiny. 

Sankalpa Series 2

The ancient Yogi’s understood the expanse of the universe and how consciousness and energy work together to create the manifest reality we call life.  They knew how to align with forces within us to create the life we envision for ourselves, and it was manifested through the practice of Sankalpa.  

Desire is a natural force that drives us in every moment.  The practice of Sankalpa begins with becoming aware of this force, using our mental focus to align with it and lastly directing intentional energy into the outer universe for manifesting. 

You have begun the journey in session one of discovering all your desires. Discovering what you want is the ground work for this next session. 

Now in session two, you will use the power of your mind/heart intelligence to know which desires/ intentions are the right ones for you to pursue at this moment in your life. 

Dive deep into this practice, so you are prepared to do the practice of manifestation in the next and final session.

Sankalpa Series 3

Each and every one of us is an endless source of power and potential. We just need to become aware of these powers and learn how to use and direct them towards our health and happiness.

Desire is one of these powers within. It is a natural force driving us to each and every moment. When the power of our mind aligns with the force of desire anything is possible in life and this joining of forces takes place in the yoga practice of sankalpa.

By doing the practices in session one and two of this series you are in a powerful place to create and ready to learn the practice of sankalpa in this final session of the series.

You begin to live an empowered life when sankalpa becomes a part of it. It will bring you great mental strength and channel vast energy towards creating the life you envision for yourself. Eventually, you will find that your wants and desires deepen and become more meaningful until eventually, it is the soul expressing its desires and guiding you to your highest destiny.


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