Pranayama Series

In this series you come to know and experience the power of your breath through yogic breathwork while discovering the profound effects the practices have on your body, mind and emotions.

Practice Pranayama Series

Moorchha (Swooning Breath)

This practice cuts out distractions from the outside world and is an excellent preparation for meditation as it draws the mind inwards, brings mental tranquility, alleviates tension, anxiety and anger.


Bhramari (Humming Bee)

This practice relieves deep stress and tension, helps to alleviate anger, anxiety and insomnia, increases the healing capacity of the body, soothes the mind and nervous system and induces a meditative state.


Yogic Breathing (Full Breath)

This practice greatly reduces stress and anxiety, improves focus, corrects digestion and metabolic function, brings oxygenation and circulation to the blood.


Chandra Bheda (Moon Breath)

Experience the profound calming and cooling in the body, while reducing heat in the system, bringing down tension and stress, resulting in lowering high blood pressure.


Bhastrika (Bellows Breath)

This session is for students who have been practicing asanas for at least 6 months to a year.


Sheetali (Cooling Breath)

This practice cools the body, reduces mental and emotional excitation, induces relaxation and tranquility while bringing more focus to the mind.


Kapalbhati (Breath of Fire)

This practice balances and strengthens the nervous system, tones the digestive organs, purifies the nadis (channels), removes sensory distractions, energizes the mind, has a cleansing effect on the lungs and is effective in healing respiratory disorders.