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The breath at the basic level is our life force that keeps our system alive but on a more complex level, it heals, cleanses and nourishes our body and mind. But on an even greater level, the breath is the pathway to higher thinking and consciousness.

To facilitate the breath for these more complex and higher uses, the art and practices of Pranayama are required.

‘Prana’ is the lifeforce and ‘Yama’ is the control and directing of that force.

In this series, you will learn the basics of these practices, but what you will come to experience is that when done properly, that there is nothing basic about them. They have very profound effects on the system, way beyond what we are even aware of when breathing normally.

In this first piece, you will come to understand the importance of the practices and how the science of breathing holds the key to many of your body, mind, health and spiritual challenges and quests.


Pranayama Practice Series 2  - Sama Vritti

Hope by now you really understand the science of your breath and the power it holds once you know how to control and direct its force. 

In this practice of Sama Vritti, you will be equalizing your breath to make it even. As you will be experiencing right now your breathing is uneven, shallow and not under your control. This is because your breath is being affected by your emotions and five senses, through your thoughts and the environment around you. 

As you experience the shortness and unevenness of your breath, you can see how you are only using a fraction of the capacity of your lungs. As the breath is connected to our nervous system, you will find that breathing unevenly and in a shallow manner, leaves the mind much more fragile and unprepared for daily challenges.

Sama Vritti aims to first correct and then expand and equalize your breaths so you can start to use your breathing as a tool for higher consciousness and healing. 

And as always remember to enjoy the practice. 


Pranayama Practice Series 3

The last few videos on Pranayama practices have given you the grounding and start to be able to see how potentially potent your breathing is as a healing tool and a force to take you to a higher consciousness state.

All spiritual practices have the same goal- to raise consciousness.

In this series 3 video, you will learn to perform Kumbhak, the retention of the breath. When performing breathing practices and retention at the same time, you will come to experience how deep your breathing can become, how long you can hold your breath and how easy it becomes to focus the mind.

Words cannot describe the feeling you will experience when you go deeper into this practice and the benefits you will come to see in your body and mind.


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