[2023 GIFT] Meditation from the  Tantras - PART 1

In the meditation you will be taken through practices of sensory detachment which lead to meditative stillness allowing the consciousness to go inward where you will discover psychic pathways of energy within and begin to move spiritual energy upward towards the higher centers. Once these centers have been activated the focus is on expanding the energy within the consciousness and then expanding it to the quantum field where all potential exists.


The Science of Meditation

Learn the science behind meditation and what the steps are so you can experience a deeper state of consciousness no matter what method you are practicing.


Meditation Series

Dharana (concentration) are preliminary practices that enable one to experience deep states of meditation. Learn techniques to still your mind and access your higher consciousness in this series.

Practice Whole Series

Forgiveness Meditation

In this practice, you will learn to awaken the energy of forgiveness so you can experience what it is to be free of thoughts and feelings that are holding you back from your experiencing love, joy and abundance.


Compassion Meditation

Yogini back in the forest in India performing her rituals and sadhana for the first time in a couple of years since Covid came to visit us all.  Join her in this heart opening meditation and awaken the energy of compassion and love in your life.


Rotation of Consciousness

A powerful pratyahara (sense withdrawal) practice that causes the consciousness to go inward inducing deep states of relaxation.


Psychic Kriya To Awaken Chakras

A powerful practice where your awareness travels from one chakra to the next awakening energy in each center increasing its power and bringing balance to the body and mind.


The Yogic Body Meditation

An ancient practice called “shruti” where teachings are given during deep meditative listening expanding your knowledge and awareness of the body and mind as you explore its subtle layers and functions.


Meditation With Mala

Using mala beads to practice meditation is very beneficial for people who have very restless minds. This meditation is part of Yogi's meditation compilation series available for download in the site's shop.


Meditation Using The Breath

Meditating on the breath is a good way to start to get the mind to focus before moving on to other forms of meditation practice. This practice is from Yogi's meditation compilations series available for download in the site's shop.


A Journey Through The Chakras

Discover the location and attributes of each energy center while chanting their specific bija mantra (seed sound vibration).


Meditation With Tamboura

Meditation with the tamboura takes the mind inwards while harmonizing the senses to be still. This meditation is part of Yogi's meditation compilation series available for download in the site's shop.


Tamboura - A Longer Practice

This is a track to play during meditation. You can also focus the sound on different chakra points like the 3rd eye or heart area. It is also good to play in the background while you are working or reading at the home.

Chakra Mantra Kriya

In this Kriya Practice you will be practicing the beeja mantras of each of the seven Chakras.

LAM- VAM- RAM- YAM- HAM- OM- OM. Kriya practices are done as a preparation for meditation so the mind has already started the process of grounding and focusing before going into a higher level of awareness