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Repair, Restore And Revive Your Body And Mind Back To Balance


TYH is practical and self applying Program that is simple and effective. In a very short time it will deliver healing, energy, focus and total wellbeing to your body and mind. It will teach you absolutely everything you need to know and do to keep your digestive strong and healthy. TYH follows ancient Ayurvedic diet practices for a modern lifestyle.


With the Transform Your Health Ayurvedic Program, you'll be able to...

  • Eat for your individual body and mind type to achieve results that are specific to YOU
    Put aside all the misinformation and confusion you have about diet, ailments, energy, weight loss, and health myths
  • Have a complete understanding of why diet needs to shift according to things like the weather, seasons and emotions
  • Become ailment free where your mind has the ability to focus and be clear for long periods of time
  • Feel and be the healthiest person possible so you can live fully and not be hindered by blockages
  • Get into healthy habits where your old stagnant energy shifts into new abundance


What's Included

You'll get access to all the resources and training you'll need to heal ailments, balance and cleanse the body, find clarity of mind, look and feel much younger by slowing down the aging process. See below for more details.




In-Depth Video Lessons

Get 8 modules of self-study video lessons you to deeply understand how to eat and drink for YOU.

Workbooks & Resources

Each module has an accompanying workbook and resources to help you map your success. 

Live Coaching Calls

Join Yogi Cameron and Yogini Jaima on live coaching calls to ask questions and connect with others. 

Healthy Recipes

Learn what Yogi Cameron is eating and how to prepare delicious, healthy meals. 

Early Access to Events

We want to reward our community of health seekers with early access and bonuses from Yogi Cameron.

Private Facebook Group

Join the exclusive Facebook group to connect with other health seekers just like you.


If you're a health seeker, someone who has been struggling to make a difference to their health, who wants to heal themselves naturally and know everything there is to study about what foods and drinks to consume, this is where you want to be.

What You'll Learn

How to Identify Your Body Type

You will understand and identify your own body type so you will understand the advantages and challenges of having a certain body and mind type. And we will also go through the main reasons and solutions for weight loss, energy and more.

How to Eat For Your Body Type

Having this basic knowledge will be a safeguard against any confusion and misinformation in your mind. With basic knowledge, you will be able to set a standard of eating and drinking that works for you.

Avoiding the Common Pitfalls

As you tend to want to take on more than it is healthy, here you will learn why your approach is not correct and how to make the right adjustments to bring back balance into your diet.

Uncovering Misinformation

In our age of media and the Internet, so much has been invented to keep you entertained or guessing what many of the things you believe about your diet need putting straight. It's time to learn what's really the truth.

Maintaining Perfect Health in a Busy World

Many of you are looking to improve and maintain your health as life becomes more hectic. We will go through what needs to happen in your thinking and lifestyle for you to be able to reach your perfect level of health and how you can realistically maintain it. 

Ayurvedic Nutrition: How and What to Eat

Learn how to eat to balance your personal elements, combine your foods, what drinks are best and what foods to avoid to maintain the strongest digestion possible. This module is packed full of practical information. 

Putting It All Into Practice

Learn how to truly understand the teachings and how to put them into practice on a daily basis to achieve and maintain your best health for life.

Yogi Cameron Answers Your Biggest Questions

Out of all the thousands of questions I get from you every year, I have selected the top ones which most of you ask me. In this module we will go through the most pressing questions you have about your diet and the solutions to them.


About Yogi Cameron

Yogi Cameron is one of the most celebrated Ayurvedic and Yogi practitioners in the world. He has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show, WSJ, The New York Times and more.

"Yogi Cameron has been a big part of improving my health, and he can do the same for you."

Ellen Degeneres
Host, The Ellen Show

Praise + Gratitude

"There’s nowhere else you can get this kind of content. You can Google all different things on the Internet, but if you have one place to go, this should be it. You know you’re going to get your answers here. Reading information from all different kinds of people only makes you more confused. I stick to the teachings of Yogi Cameron and I’m no longer overwhelmed. Anyone who is on this path, it’s definitely worth it to sign up for this." - Dina Pair

"The biggest difference I see since before using this program is that I get up knowing what I need to do. This is an absolute must for anyone is looking for a more spiritual or healthier lifestyle. It is definitely for those people who want to go to the next level. I highly recommend it. There’s fantastic support and community that it comes with - you really have nothing to lose. I hope everyone has as good a journey as I have." - Amanda Dow

"Community is the greatest tool you can use to enhance your energy and learn from others. Everyone has a unique experience. Everyone is going through their own challenges. What I’ve learned is people will usually take action because of inspiration or desperation. I came to this program because of some health issues. By learning from the community and Yogi Cameron about Ayurveda, my health is now fantastic." - Jordan Siegel

"I just finished the Ayurvedic Dietician Program with YC and I learned an incredible amount of new knowledge, while also transforming the way I think about eating. I am more in tune with my body -- I let my body, dosha and intuition dictate my diet instead of my emotions and psychological cravings. Without even realizing it, I lost 7lbs. over the course of the program! I highly recommend it to those interested in nutrition, Ayurveda, and overall health. I could not be happier!" - Shari Gittleman 

"The eight week Ayurvedic program that Yogi Cameron, is offering is amazing. Simple to follow, and incorporate, to your lifestyle, the class is a gift for your health! For a more peaceful, healthy understanding of food, and its purpose in our life. I highly recommend this class. Yogi Cameron, is extremely knowledgeable, and interactive with, answering questions and giving advice. Truly life changing!! Thank you, Yogi Cameron!" - Laina Poulakos



8 Module Audio Program guided by Yogi Cameron

Workbooks & Resources

Private Facebook Group


Yogi Cameron is a NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) certified professional.



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