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February 2024

Karnataka, South India

With Yogini Jaima and Yogi Cameron



Have you been dreaming about elevating your mind to a peaceful level where you have so few thoughts that the world seems to be at a standstill?
Have you thought about expanding your knowledge of the higher teachings of Yoga so you can use this science to make your body resilient to ailments and the stresses of modern living?
Have you a deep desire to go beyond your regular day to day life and to dive into the ocean of bliss that is your true spiritual nature- free of conflict, united with all and conscious of your higher existence?

Mystic Seekers is a call to you. 

Expand your knowledge, deepen your practice and awaken your potential to the higher possibilities awaiting you.

Are you ready for this deeply spiritual experience and immersion?
Mystic Seekers is an experience of inner development and outer transformation of the body and mind, so you can evolve and elevate to a higher spiritual consciousness.
This level of awareness brings you into a clear space where your intentions match your purpose for higher living.


Yogi Cameron and Yogini Jaima will be serving as your guides and teachers during your journey of discovery.

Yogi and Yogini live part of their life in this sacred village as part of their own spiritual development and transformation. The temple and village serve as part of their knowledge, support and personal growth system.

Part of being on this land and in this environment is to help you go deeper in awareness of simple living, where you have clear set intentions and a powerful purpose which you commit to.

These simple and intentional daily rituals are for you to take home and practice, so your new and improved daily routine creates harmonious health for you and your family.


We are embarking on a journey of 8 days in the forest in the western ghats of South India, learning to master the mind, so your true spiritual nature can express itself beyond just intellectual information.
This development and transformation is a personal journey, which everyone will need to take at some point during their lifetime, if they want to discover the secrets of their soul’s destiny and the power of their potential.
Each one of us wants the deeper expansive experience of life and the connection of love with all other beings in our friendships and relationship.
Mystic Seekers helps to open this elusive door to the inner secrets of the soul so you see no more separation but complete unity between others and yourself.
Are you ready for this magical journey?
The beauty of this journey is that it unfolds not through difficult and strenuous practices or long hours of meditation, but by grace and being in the presence of Divine energy.
The land that we will be traveling to is permeated with the energy of Mookambika Devi, where the temple is situated. This 1200 year old temple has been the site of worship for millions of devotees, sages and spiritual seekers over the centuries.
As millions of souls come to worship and focus all their attention and love in one place, the land becomes ppotent with Shakti, the energy of action and devotion.
Just sitting in her presence and taking in the atmosphere of this feminine power, connects us to the energy within our self and the power we have. 
This energy is transforming, healing and elevating if you learn how to harness it.


The ancient old spiritual India is now a secret and hidden place with little or no access to true seekers.
This authentic and vibrant experience has been replaced by the modern surface and commercial ‘spiritual’ tourism of yoga and ayurvedic retreats and spas.  
This is because India has now entered the modern era and quickly expanding itself in a very commercial way.
This has led to more people going to India for spiritual seeking, and more western teachers taking groups to India for teacher training or retreats.
But very few people know where to take the true seekers for the authentic experience because it has now been lost and covered up through all the surface noise.
This journey which you will take will be a authentically profound one but also challenging at times, as you get to meet your inner spiritual self in the most peaceful and natural setting. 
Also this is not Hindu worship. It is a journey that any one from any religion or path can take because it is a journey of inner discovery using the Yogic tools which are available in the village through the temple and holy men.

The Journey Ahead

We are much more than the body and mind, our suffering or our thoughts. On this journey we learn how to go within and see the outer world as our blank canvas, to paint the picture we desire. 


As well as being in the presence of the Mother energy, we will be using other forms of ritual to transform our inner experience. 
Learning from the holy men of the temple is another fundamental way we will be transforming our new found knowledge and energy.
These teachers have been the backbone of the temple and land for thousands of years and they have all the knowledge for creating a humble, peaceful and enthusiastic life. We will be learning from them on this journey.
Havan and Homas are fire and mantra rituals performed by the sacred teachers of the temple, which will be another of our experiences to release more of our old habits and unwanted emotions.
This is how we will help to balance our karma.
Each ritual invokes a different energy and outcome we are looking to tap into. By using the power of this process, we allow samskaras or negative impression to be learned from, and for new positive impressions to be created. 
Traveling to the Kudachadri Peak, where Adi Shankara the sage himself sat for many years of meditation, is another sacred place we will visit and absorb the intense Shakti.
This day trip will be a time to sit on the mountaintop and to take in the immense beauty of the region and to absorb the stillness of the site.
As our modern lifestyles are busy, stressful and excessive in many ways, we will be creating a lot of time for stillness and contemplation during this trip, to allow for spiritual growth to happen naturally from within.
Satsang sessions. Sitting for talks, connections and communication with our group and others will also be a part of our daily practice. This helps to reiterate what we are learning and to hear about the experiences of others.
This is one of the simplest ways to connect to the heart and our compassion for all beings.
Yogic teachings say that all our conflicts come from our misconception that we are different than others.


Mookambika is a small village in Kollur, in the state of Karnataka in the area at the foot of the Western Ghats.  Mookambika temple is among the most important shrines for Devi feminine worship. It is one of the Shakti peethas founded by the sage Adi Shankara. 


Devotional practice at the temple
Tea/ Coffee 
Yoga, breathing, meditation practices
Rest time
Tea/ Juice
Early evening session
Light dinner

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India is calling you...


Everyone will be staying at a beautiful modern yet simple hotel in the village which is only one of three which has been built in the last 2 years. The room will come with AC and wifi. 

You won't need to bring too much clothing or things with you on this trip. Simplicity is best.

It is best to pack very light because you will probably like to take some things back from India.

Clothing. For ladies we recommend clothing which is traditionally Indian such as Kurtas (blouse) with pants. You can also wear western clothing but not  skirts, dresses or tops that show the shoulders. Indian women traditionally cover the shoulders up to the middle of the arm.

This way of dressing is set so you can also enter the temple and other holy sites. 

For men western clothes are fine but no shorts. Loose pants and top are perfect. 

You will no doubt get into the spirit of India and buy some local clothing as it is comfortable and very beautiful. 

Money. There are ATM's in the village which will give you local currency of Rupees but they are not always reliable so you should bring some cash with you, if you plan on buying anything. 

Adaptors for your computer and phone need to fit for Indian sockets and outlets. Please look online for what they look like. 

There will be wifi in the hotel. Making calls are not an issue neither is sending emails. 

Everyone entering India who doesn't have an Indian passport will need a visa.

You can apply for your visa by visiting these sites which are official government sites and not 3rd party ones which charge a fee. You will be able to get your e-visa within a few days although you should go through the process at lease 3 weeks before to make sure you don't have any issues. 

For People coming from the U.S.A visit

From the E.U visit


The closest airport to Kollur is Mangalore airport. You will be picked up from there.

There will be flights coming in to mangalore airport if you fly into Dubai for a connecting flight from your original destination such as the U.S. 

Otherwise you will be flying into one of the bigger airports such as Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore and getting a connecting flight to Mangalore. 

You also have an option to arrive the day before the retreat starts and or a day later after the retreat finishes. You can ask us about this and we can advise you about it.




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