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Asana (Posture) Practice


The Science of Daily Practice

Before undertaking a spiritual practice we should know the science behind the practice itself so we can identify what is being experienced in the body and mind and then understand what the foundation of a daily practice consists of.


Daily Practice Series 1

The first of the 3-part series to ground, support and elevate your practice and mind to a much higher level of awareness. You will learn the foundation of a daily practice and how to create and build your own daily practice. Practice this series first. Then when the body and mind are ready and prepared you can add to your practice by following Series 2. This might be in a week, a month or longer.


Daily Practice Series 2

Continuing from Series 1, this next session gives you more building practices to add to the session before so your practice can evolve and mature into a broader stronger practice.


Daily Practice Series 3

After practicing Part 1 & 2 of this series for some time and feeling very comfortable, it's time to move into Series 3. Here you will take the practice further as the body is ready for more opening and grounding, while the mind is more receptive to focus in higher practices.


Seven Postures to Open Up Quickly (14 Minutes)


Yoga Level 1 (28 Minutes)

This session is for students who have been practicing asanas for at least 6 months to a year.


Yoga Level 2 (30 Minutes)

This session is for more long time practitioners who have been practicing for 1-2 years.


Yoga Level 3 (45 Minutes)

This session is for more long time practitioners who have been practicing for over 2-3 years.


Restorative Yoga (15 Minutes)

This practice is gentle on the body and slower. It is for people who might have injuries, limitations in movement, pregnant or feeling that the mind and body need some love and care right now.


Yoga to Open Hip and Thighs (33 Minutes)

This session is curated especially for opening the hips and thighs so you can start to become comfortable with sitting on the floor for much longer periods of time, and especially for breathing and meditative practices.


Yoga to Strengthen Abs and Core (29 Minutes)


Yoga for Lower Back Pain (30 Minutes)


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