A Weekend Retreat To Connect, Nourish and Restore.

'Where the experience itself is the learning.'

The Setting

An oasis designed for the body and mind to relax in.


The Teachings

Learning new habit changes to compliment your lifestyle at home


Rest And Let Go

Live in balance. Set healthy boundaries.    Love Life.


What do you want for yourself this year?

"Balance is a journey which we have to be very flexible and patient with."



"The Experience itself is what gives us the deeper understanding of what we are learning and how to make it a permanent part of our healthy lifestyle."


What i've leaned at this retreat is to be at ease with not being in control all the time. This has helped my body to heal.



Deep relaxation, the correct diet and practices to enhance my lifestyle- truly life changing.



I didn't realize how much my body and mind were holding on to which brought on health problems.



It's the perfect time to evolve into who you want to be.



Apply for this retreat with a goal and intention in mind.


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