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with Yogi Cameron

Balancing Yourself Is A Physical, Mental and Spiritual Journey


             What are you looking to ReBalance:

  • The root of your long-term physical imbalances.
  • Understand how to adjust your diet to your doshas, environment and seasons.
  • Practice new habits and routines to fulfill your intentions and purpose.
  • Implement a lifestyle that is plant based, vegan or vegetarian.
  • Calming the mind to be able to experience deep REM sleep.
  • Learn deeper rooted spiritual practices to start living a fulfilled existence.
  • Build and sustain a harmonious and loving relationship with yourself.


Are you being challenged by anything in the body or mind that needs attention or has been neglected? Something like a long-term ailment.

Maybe you're suffering spiritually because you are stuck and don’t know how to evolve to your next level? 

 How is your relationships- with yourself and others? 

                   Root Cause & Prevention
Prevention is at the heart of Ayurvedic thinking because it enables us to minimize suffering by expanding healing and joy.
Healing an ailment needs to start at the root cause. But prevention is the step before, so you don’t have the issue or that it can be managed without being a big disruption in your life.
To understand the root cause of an issue it takes going on a journey of healing. To prevent an ailment means to live a balanced lifestyle in all aspects of your life.
This is done through a complete natural diet, spiritual practices, a work routine with boundaries and a flexible positive outlook on life, so stress and tiredness isn’t your ‘normal’ state of life.


Healing is a journey we take through roads, mountains, valleys and rivers. It can be an up and down ride until we come out on the other side.
But it is also the most liberating experience.
It is a process that is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, working through karma and planetary energies.  
It can be simple or very complex. We don’t always know until we commit to healing wholeheartedly.
This is why in Ayurvedic medicine and Yogic science we look at all aspects of a person's life and not just the obvious symptoms.

The ReBalance Process

I will be using these steps to treat your condition or to solve any problems you may have in your body and mind.


Your first session will be for discovering the Root Cause of your discomfort, How to start the healing process and How to sustain the path towards a full recovery. You can choose to do more sessions at this point or work on this path on your own.


By asking you questions and going through your life history, Yogi will be able to map out a path to health and healing through Ayurvedic and Yogic practices which have proven to be effective in the last few thousand years.


Ayurveda and the Yogic sciences have very specific ways to treat a person depending on their Nature and condition of the body and mind. As individuals we respond to very specific energy so healing needs to be personalized.

Start your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Healing Journey.

When requesting a consultation guidance session, please describe your primary reason for wanting one or more sessions. 

We will be in touch within 24 hours.





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