Yogi Cameron: Hi, guys. I'm Yogi Cameron.

Yogini Jaima: And I'm Yogini Jaima. And this is Inspired Living.

Yogi Cameron: Now, I have a very nice question today. It was sent in anonymously.

Yogini Jaima: Uh oh.

Yogi Cameron: Hey, it's real. I'm feeling some pressure about not practicing Tantra, having amazing sex and falling in love. Is anyone else going through this? Or is everyone, but me, orgasming everyday?

Yogi Cameron: I think it's a valid question. You know?

Yogini Jaima: It's only you.

Yogi Cameron: It's only you. The reason it's valid is because I read a lot about this topic of Tantra, what it is --

Yogini Jaima: Do you now?

Yogi Cameron: Yes, I do. Everything comes out on this piece. And then, how sex keeps your relationship together. And how you should be having lots of sex. I remember one time I was on Dr. Oz show and we kind of talked about it as well. And falling in love, it's in every movie and everywhere. So between these three topics, I'm sure you are feeling some pressure. But, let's go through it a little bit and see how you feel about it at the end of this talk.

Yogini Jaima: Yeah well, why it is such a big theme?

Yogi Cameron: Mm.

Yogini Jaima: You know? A universal theme. It's because we have the innate desire to experience love.

Yogi Cameron: Mm.

Yogini Jaima: You know, we wanna feel a deeper connection. With ourselves and with our partners. And we'll get into Tantra in a second. But, you. You don't need sexual Tantra to have a deeper connection with your partner. You need to come to a deeper understanding of yourself. And then of your partner. You need to understand each other's needs. And be a support system for one another.

Yogi Cameron: Then you can love in awareness. Then you can love without fear. Then there is intimacy. And that intimacy begins far before you even touch one another. Far before the act of sex comes into play. But, when you are already operating on that level and you have that intimacy and that deep connection. Then when you do come together in the act of sex. It is much more sensual. There is much more of a deeper connection.

Yogini Jaima: Mm.

Yogi Cameron: And I think that's a lot of what's out there and what they're trying to sell in that aspects of sexual Tantra. Is to be able to deeply connect with your partner. And to, you know, make love for hours. Now, we're going to totally de-myth that.

Yogini Jaima: Who's got time for that? I'm busy. It does take a lot of time, by the way.

Yogi Cameron: It takes a lot of time.

Yogini Jaima: It takes a lot of time, sexual Tantra.--

Yogi Cameron: Or what about the practice itself, takes a lot of time? But what about the preparation?

Yogini Jaima: That's right.

Yogi Cameron: And all that that takes the time as well.--

Yogini Jaima: That's right, because you're actually not having orgasms in the actual practice of sexual Tantra. It is to come to the highest pre-orgasmic state. So as if you're just about the orgasm and then you hold it. You do not orgasm! If you release that energy, you've missed the whole part of the practice. You want to take that force, that dormant Kundalini Shakti force. And you wanna then direct it to then expand your energy. Tantra, by the way, that's what it means, expansion of energy. To expand your dormant potential and mind. There are many practices in this vast science. The sexual Tantra is this much of it, to awaken that dormant potential in the mind. And why do you wanna awaken that dormant potential? It's going to have you access your willpower, your creativity, your intuition, your healing power. You can access psychic abilities.--

Yogi Cameron: ESP. Great, we can all benefit from that. There are many safe ways to do that. You can practice Tantra, you know, that expansion of energy. Through Yantra, through Mantra. which is through shape and sound. Or you can go into the Kundalini Shakti aspect of Tantra. And practice the non-sexual aspect of that. And do the Creas. And what are the Creas? Crea is a technique to awaken that dormant spiritual potential that is at the base of the spine. So it can travel up the spine and awaken dormant potential in the mind. And they do that through Pranayama, breath work. They do it through Kumbhaka, breath retentions. They do it through Mantras, through sound. And through Mudras, you know. With Mudras, you also direct the spiritual energy. And there's a bunch of different combinations of that. And they're called Creas. And that is a safer way to deal with that energy. 'Cause what happens--

Yogini Jaima: Where it also doesn't put the emphasis on sex.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah.

Yogini Jaima: It puts it on practice.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah. Yeah, because the sexual Tantrics, in India. They are not doing it as a selfish practice. They're not--

Yogini Jaima: It's not their whole pleasure of all things.

Yogini Jaima: They're not doing it for pleasure. They are not doing it to have multiple orgasms. They consider that dormant spiritual energy, that is called Kundalini Shakti, a goddess. And they revere her as a goddess. They see their body is a temple and the goddess is within.

Yogini Jaima: And when two people come together to do the sexual practices of Tantra, to awaken that goddess Kundalini Shakti. They come together as two devotees of the goddess.

Yogini Jaima: There's a ritual aspect in it. It's quite beautiful. But there is some serious training. And I mean years of training to be able to really reach that heightened state.

Yogi Cameron: Mm.

Yogini Jaima: Now, what happens if you just do these sexual Tantric practices without a guru.

Yogini Jaima: Mm.

Yogini Jaima: to guide you?

Yogi Cameron: And if you haven't prepared your body?

Yogini Jaima: And if you haven't prepared your body? You're going to experience a lot of energy. And it could be that you'll have high-highs and low-lows. And many people start to feel bipolar. Because of those high-highs and those low-lows. Many people will feel depression. They'll start going onto pills. And suicide has been the result of many Western Tantrics that have practiced. So, there's caution that is said. You know, if you start to enter that realm of practice without the right guidance and without a guru.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah. So you don't need the sexual aspect of Tantra to be with your partner and all of that. You shouldn't feel any pressure about that.

Yogini Jaima: You don't need it to feel intimacy.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah.

Yogini Jaima: And to feel that love and that deep connection that you want. Everyone can benefit from the non-sexual practices of Tantra. Without a doubt. We all need to access that dormant potential.

Yogi Cameron:: Mm.

Yogini Jaima: It will brings us great success in life. And in all of the avenues; in our relationships, in our work, in all the things that we do.

Yogi Cameron: Mm.

Yogini Jaima: And that's beautiful. But if you want intimacy, it begins even pre-sex.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah.

Yogini Jaima: In my opinion.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah.

Yogini Jaima: And by our experience, you know. Because when you stop the sexual practice of Tantra, when we're going back to speaking about this, you have the rest of your day. And the rest of your life.

And you need to have a really strong practice to support that. In fact, when you are initiated into Creas. That's the non-sexual aspect of Tantra, the guru gives you direction on what to do with that energy that's awakened.

You should engage in more Shava, more acts of selfless service. You should engage in more creative projects. They guide you immediately to go take long walks. You need to channel that energy. Otherwise if it stays within you, it can become very destructive.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah. So read up about it more, get educated on it. Because it's a vast subject. And don't just focus on the sexual aspect of it. That's a very small thing. But everybody gets you with that word; sex. So, watch out. It's dangerous out there. Take good care. Namaste.




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