We have a long question, but I find it so relevant, so I'll read it all. I would love to know your views on this. Naturally, when one takes on a spiritual path, you have to give up certain vices such as alcohol and smoking, et cetera, things that would intoxicate the mind. Yet, it's such a transition period when you tell your family or friends you've stopped certain things. They think you've gone crazy. Friends distance themselves from you.

You can't have fun in the same way you used to, and when you begin on the spiritual path, you don't know from the outset what you're giving it all up for. You don't know the power of the practice until you've done it for a while, and it's difficult giving up certain things when you don't know what's on the other side. I don't even like alcohol, but suddenly, it takes more importance because that's the only way you've known to live and have fun, et cetera.

I can relate with absolutely everything that you are saying. I clearly remember being told by some of my family members and friends, "You're not fun anymore." This is a common step for most people when you start the spiritual path. Why? Because people identify with us by our habits. When we change our habits, it actually makes them a little uncomfortable, like how are they going to connect with us, right?

Yeah. Our readings about connectivity, and when you speak to somebody, they have a certain energy about you, you have a certain quality about you. They identify with that. You know how everybody's saying these days, "I relate to that." We pick our teachers based on how we relate to them, our friends, but we can't pick our family members. They're kind of set, but it's all about connectivity.

When you vibrate at this level and you suddenly switch and you vibrate at another level, which is basically what's happening when you go on a spiritual path, that vibration picks up a whole bunch of new people and lets go a whole bunch of other people. That separation is uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable sometimes for you. It's uncomfortable for them, but it's not really saying good bye.

It's just if you buy a Ferrari, you're going to start going fast because you can. It's not if you were driving Ford before and you're going slow, it's totally different. You've just gone into another energy level.

I can give you some advice from my own experience (Yogini Jaima). The first is try not to think too much about it. Really focus on the positive. Try not to judge others for not relating to your new practices, and try not to judge yourself if one day, you do go out, and you have a drink with your friends or do any of the old habits that you used to. It's a process. The master yogi that was training me in the beginning of my journey told me, "Jaima, it's not 100-yard dash. It's a marathon. Just keep doing the practice," and that's what's key.

That's how you're going to experience eventually and reap the benefits, is by continuously every day, wholeheartedly doing your practice. Eventually, others will identify with these new habits that you set in motion, these healthy habits. They will start to come to you for that.

No one in my (Yogini Jaima) family or my friends from before I started this journey are on the yogic path or do these practices, yet all of them now are still in my life. I have a beautiful relationship with all of them. They come to me know for something different than they did 15 years ago.

It's often, we have to get used to the change. They have to get used to it, but if we adjust and we find some common ground with them, and we don't just leave and go up to the Himalayas kind of thing, then we're okay. We could still be friends. We could still have lovely holidays together and all of the different things, but maybe we eat vegetarian food and they don't. It's totally fine. The yogic path is about adjusting and adapting and accommodating and constantly doing that. It's not about saying, "Hey, this is who I am, and I'm not something else." No, you'll keep evolving. We're evolving. Everybody's evolving, so we're just at different levels of evolvement. Others are too.

How about finding some new healthy common habits that you can share together? I'm sure that all of your friends and family do have some positive healthier habits, so do those activities with them. I used to go on hikes with my girlfriends or cook meals at home when we would all cook together, or go to the spa, something like that, so just switch to the healthier habits. Then, they can still connect with you on that ground.

Yeah. They identify with you as, "Oh, I know a yogi loves to do that. Well, Jaima loves to do that." That's when they will call us or we'll call them to do that healthy thing. Then, they get into the groove of, "Well, that's their thing." You just won't get a phone call dining out at 11:00 at night.

Know this, that you are supported in enormity by other spiritual seekers and practitioners like our self. Our energy is out there universally supporting you. You are not alone, and we're with you 100% every step of the way.




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