Yogi Cameron: Now, what is the ultimate guide to a good night's sleep? Everybody wants to know that secret and it kind of is a secret because everyone's having sleep issues these days. Now, the very first step is what's stimulating you to take away your sleep, because normally, when I'm sleeping, I'm sleeping really well, but the nights that I'm not sleeping is because something's on my mind and it's kind of strong.

Now, throughout the night, we are still thinking, because the nature of the mind is to think, but how are we exaggerating that thinking that it's becoming repetitive? The first thing is stimulants. Are you getting involved with stimulants when the sun goes down? Is it your TV? Are you watching something, your favorite show, that's too stimulating? It's murder mystery and all that kind of stuff's going on and you're so engaged in it, and then your phone rings and then there's a message and then you're typing, then you're reading something stimulating, so all of these are getting you to go that way and not this way, and that's the trick of night time. You want everything to start to go inward.

For this week, we removed like our phone from the room so we don't use the phone as an alarm, because if it's in the room, those rays and wifi rays and everything is coming in and disturbing our sleep. We keep all electronics out of the room for that reason, and it becomes a ritual. Nighttime becomes a ritual where we wind down, we disconnect from the world, and we reconnect to ourselves inwardly, and then we create. We have to do this. We have to create it because it doesn't just happen naturally.

Yogini Jaima: Oh, absolutely. I have a whole production that I do in the evening, and this is where it begins. Literally, I am in to show you what begins my evening unwind, and if I've been out all day working or whether I've been working at home, when the sun starts to set, I am triggered to retreat, and I learned that from living in the village in the forest in India because when the sun sets, it's called the hour of go duly. Go as cow unduly is the dirt that comes from their hoofs as they start to trot home, and that's what happens every day at sunset. All of the cows that have been grazing all day start to trot home and retreat and all of nature retreats.

I started to become in tune with this cycle of nature in saying, "Oh, the sun is setting and this is now my time to retreat," so naturally, I will take a bath, rinse off the energy of the day. I will come into comfortable clothing like these and I begin an evening ritual which is my unwind. I usually start by turning off lights. We don't use a lot of electricity in our home. We use natural light from an oil lamp or-

Yogi Cameron: Candles.

Yogini Jaima: Or candlelight. I'll use some calming scents, so it'll start like burning and incent or of sandalwood. Sandalwood is very calming for the body and mind, so I'll start to put some scents in the air, and then I'll use different herbs from oils or teas. Great herbs in the evening to calm the body and mind are rose. Chamomile is a beautiful tea. It's like, okay, drink chamomile, but chamomile is a sedative, so it's very helpful to really sedate the mind and get yourself prepared for stillness and deep rest.

Another great herb is coriander which is very cooling and calming for the mind, and then I get my essential oils out and I rub them on my feet, and then I put them in my hands. Essential oils like lavender are very cooling.

Yogi Cameron: On the bottom of the feet.

Yogini Jaima: On the bottom of the feet, and I rub them on the bottom of the feet, and then I'll rub them in my hands, and then I just start my breathing practices, and this is when I start to go inward and do breathing and some stillness practice meditation, but I just inhale the scent of whichever calming essential oil that I've chosen for that night, and it's my ritual. It's helped so much because I have a lot of [foreign language]. I'm [foreign language], so [foreign language] is energy and we're constantly creating and moving and I need to slow all that down, cool everything down, calm the mind at night more so than I think you.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, we're all different. We all have different energies, so [foreign language] means more fire. I have more [foreign language] which is more movement, but also coolness in the body, so we have to know how to treat ourselves, and then of course there's the seasons. If it's hotter, you need to cool down. If it's in the cold season, you need to warm yourself up.

Basically, your ritual is taking all the senses and drawing them back inward rather than outward, because all the stimulants I was talking about are stimulating that way. Everything Yogini's doing is getting the sense of smell, touch, taste, everything bringing it this way, so you're not stopping the mind, but you're calming it to that point. By the time you hit the pillow, you're not thinking too much about anything and everything's good. The worries of the day are for tomorrow and then you can just sleep, dream, have a pleasant night and then wake up energized, which is the main point of why you sleep. You want to get up the next morning really ready for the day and energetic about what you're going to do.

Yogini Jaima: Because when you're energetic, you're positive, and we need positivity in the days of our lives.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah. Practice. Practice away and let us know how you're doing. See you next time.

Yogini Jaima: Namaste.




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