Yogini Jaima: Hi, everyone. I'm Yogini Jaima.

Yogi Cameron: And I'm Yogi Cameron.

Yogini Jaima: And this is Inspire Living.

Yogi Cameron: Now we're going to be discussing what is the most powerful tonic for the mind and the body.

Yogini Jaima: I'm going to read a quote from Swami Sivananda, one of the realized masters of this path. "The best mental and physical tonic is cheerfulness. If one is cheerful, the cells, tissues, and nerves are also cheerful and healthy. Therefore, one must cultivate this virtue again and again and be always cheerful. Laughter and cheerfulness increase the circulation of blood. They are blood tonics. Cheerfulness expands the heart and the brain, and fills the system with harmony and peace."

Yogi Cameron: Feel good just listening to that.

Yogini Jaima: I don't know, that vidya has such light in it.

Yogi Cameron: And this isn't spiritual stuff. This is scientific. This means it's proven because he left the body at will and he named the time and the second he was going to leave, so it shows he was a master, and he was talking about self-realization within himself and everything he's saying is he realized it.

Yogini Jaima: It is a science, even a modern science that doesn't go as far back and ancient as the yogic culture, it's the science of the body and mind connection because the fact is is that that's the power of our thoughts. Every thought that we have sends messages to our glands. And then the glands release hormones. When we have thoughts of fear and anxiety and stress, the hypothalamus in the brain is very sensitive to stress and it's going to send a message to the pituitary gland, which is the master gland in the body, and it's going to send messages to all the other glands in the body and release things like your adrenals and adrenaline and start to get you on the path of illness in the body and disease.

Yogini Jaima: In the same sense, positive thoughts. When you have happy thoughts and cheerful thoughts, or just simply peaceful thoughts, or thoughts of contentment and that kind of ease in the body, well that stimulates the pineal gland. And the pineal gland is what's going to release serotonin in the body. If you just understand that science of body and mind connection, for me it triggers this natural like instinct to protect myself. I don't want to do myself harm by negative thoughts, so I'm going to really try and be aware and cultivate positive thoughts to the best of my ability.

Yogi Cameron: Well, how do we do that? Cheerfulness is really an attitude. It doesn't mean your day is going well. It doesn't mean you're getting your way. It doesn't mean life is so amazing, you got lots of money, and you don't have any problems. That's not what cheerfulness is and that's not what brings cheerfulness.

Yogi Cameron: Cheerfulness comes from a moment where you're challenged maybe and can you smile through it, maybe not on the outside but you're smiling within you saying, "This is purposeful. I'm learning something. I know this is difficult, but hey, this is going to be great because when I come out of this I'm going to be learning a lot, I'm going to advance on my path, I'm going to be able to help other people." That's cheerfulness.

Yogini Jaima: So what you're saying is that even in a moment of stress or anxiety, don't focus on the stress and anxiety, but you're saying focus on that it's serving you in a way.

Yogi Cameron: It's serving you in some way and focuses on that. Because the day you're sitting outside, the sun is on your face, you're doing something you like. Hey, we can all be cheerful.

Yogini Jaima: Easy. Cheerful.

Yogi Cameron: Right? We don't have to try to be cheerful. But that other maybe 75% of our life where we're working, we're going through it, we're waking up with a baby in the middle of the night, we're going to work and we got a cold.

Yogini Jaima: Exhausted, stress.

Yogi Cameron: We're traveling. Can you smile within you and say, "This has a purpose. I'm learning."

Yogini Jaima: That is one of the yogic practices which is Pratpaksa Bhavanam. It's to think the opposite. So if you start to have those feelings of stress or anxiety, go to see what are the thoughts in my mind right now and just think the opposite, switch it. You might not believe it exactly, but that is the power of thought, keep repeating that thought like a mantra and it will switch the energy from the negative force of the mind to the positive force of the mind.

Yogi Cameron: And attach to people who are cheerful. That's the things. Find out a stimulation that's cheerful. Do whatever you need to do to get that cheerfulness because it will save you, it will put a smile on your face, it will make you feel good, and as Yogini said, it will keep the body younger and more vitality in the body will be there.

Yogi Cameron: Keep practicing. We're there with you because we're in these practices as well and we're-

Yogini Jaima: Every day-

Yogi Cameron: ... challenged every day as well. So take good care.

Yogini Jaima: Namaste.

Yogi Cameron: Namaste.



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