Yogi Cameron: Hi you guys, it's Yogi here.

Yogini Jaima: And this is Yogini.

Yogi Cameron: Now, we want to show you something that's new to our kitchen. This is the taro root. Now, you might've eaten them in gourmet chips, you might have not known they're taro. But these are amazing for the digestion. Like a probiotic, kind of effect they have.

And also they're a little bit slimy when they go into the system and you digest them. Then they hold on and bind to toxicity and slide it out of the system. So, it's amazing for going to the bathroom too.

Yogini Jaima: They have replaced the potato. In my cooking and who knew? I never used taro and then I started using it and potatoes aren't around much anymore. Because they totally surpass the potato with taste. With their benefits and their medical properties. So that's done. Like Yogi said--

Yogi Cameron: Yeah and they taste amazing.

- Yeah. But Yogi said that it's a probiotic, so it's gonna nourish the friendly bacteria in the gut. And it's a very important detoxifying ingredient in Ayurvedic cooking, for the reasons Yogi just said. So...

Yogi Cameron: What are you cooking?

- And then I'm gonna share with you my new favorite recipe with them, which is so easy, and a lot of you want to know about cooking. So I'm gonna start to share as best as I can. This recipe is from Divya Alter. And if you watched our segment on our favorite books, she's the cookbook that we recommend for Ayurvedic cooking, What to Eat for How You Feel.

This is a recipe from her blog. So you'd have to go to It is the cauliflower soup with almond cream, and it's so yummy. So, here's the basics. Two taro roots, you shave them. To get the hair off. Okay?

Two taro roots, cut up. A head of cauliflower. Half a teaspoon of turmeric. Half a teaspoon of cumin seed. About six curry leaves. Two tablespoons of ghee. Or if you want to make it vegan you can use sesame or coconut oil. This part, half a cup of almonds. Take hot boiling water, blanch them for a few minutes. Remove the skins, rinse them, add two thirds cup of water.

You are going to blend this, and that is your almond cream. Now we're going to cook it. So, heat the ghee, it's so simple. And you can go under her recipe and get the details, so don't stress out too much. Heat the ghee. Add the spices. Add the curry leaves. Add the vegetables. Five cups of water. Bring it to a boil. Then a high simmer, for fifteen minutes. Until everything is soft. Let that cool for ten minutes. Blend the almond and the water to make the almond cream. Add it to this mix.

Then, blend all of it together in the blender. And you get this smooth, creamy soup that is so good for you and so healthy for you. Yogi and I are preparing for a fast. We're going to go deeper into sadhana and actually stay up all night on Shivaratri and fast.

Yogi Cameron: Hm, I might fall asleep.

Yogini Jaima: Fast and meditate and try and not fall asleep. But I always prepare our bodies for that inwards stillness with really getting everything out of the gut and creating stillness in body and mind. So we can take that inward journey with more ease. So, I hope you enjoy. Taro, our new best pal. And this recipe because it's really lovely.

Yogini Jaima: It's super tasty, really good for you, and it really helps your digestion as well. I would cook it one time, taste it. We've had it many times now. Anyway, hope you have a happy cooking session. Lots of love.

Yogi Cameron: Lots of love.



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