Yogini Jaima: Hi everyone, it's Yogini Jaima.

Yogi Cameron: And I'm Yogi Cameron.

Yogini Jaima: And this is Inspire Living. This is practice two in our series on helping you to meditate. Remember there are preliminary practices to meditation. So we're going to teach you a couple different practices to get you to start meditating. So, this next practice is going to be using breath work, pranayama, along partnered with mantra, sound vibration. The practice is called ajapa japa, which is rotation of consciousness, and which one are you gonna use?

Yogi Cameron: So hum.

Yogini Jaima: So hum, so so hum is amazing. It's the ajapa japa, the, the breath, the sound of the breath that everyone is doing, everyone in the world from the moment that we take our first breath and to our last, on the inhale the sound of the breath is so, on the exhale the sound of the breath is hum, and it's a very high frequency vibration. It's so beautiful. I love doing this practice cause I always feel so connected with myself, with the cosmic universe, and everyone in it, and we need connectivity and not so much separation. So it's a beautiful practice.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah, you may not be aware that that's the sound of the breath going in and out, so hum, but the yogi's came up with this because they heard this you know, they became so aware that they said, this is the mantra of the breath going in and out of the body, but you can actually meditate on it and use it as a concentration practice in unison with your breath, and then you'll start to be able to get the mind to focus on one thing. Okay, should we practice?

Yogini Jaima: Yes!

Yogi Cameron: So sit on the floor, sit in a chair. Get your spine straight. Spine must always be straight when you're doing this practice, so. Either sit on the floor if you can or sit in a chair. Eyes are closed, start getting your focus on your breathing. Your breathing is going in and out. And now on the inhale, you're going to mentally repeat so. And on the exhalation, hum. So on the inhalation, so. On the exhalation, hum. On the inhalation, so. On the exhalation, hum. Good and you can open the eyes. So you'll do this for some minutes as you build on it. Remember you're building. Preliminary practices are about building, building, building to the point that your mind, in this case, is so focused on your breath and so hum that now you can't remember even doing it.

Yogini Jaima: And what you do in these when we pair mantra with breath and you're internally creating the sound of that mantra within the mind, you need to make sure, thoughts will come, but you make that mantra louder than any thoughts that come to the surface of the mind. So it's almost like you have to start becoming more vocal with it and more louder and that's how you hone in on that focusing the mind and creating stillness in the mind with that focus leading towards one point focus of mind, which is meditation itself.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah, so happy practicing.

Yogini Jaima: Yes. And look out for the next video.




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