Yogi Cameron: Hi you guys, it's Yogi Cameron and this is Inspire Living.

Now, a lot of your questions are about self-help and self-improvement and one of them that you were asking is how do I know I'm not giving in, but not pushing too hard so I'm out of balance? And that's what we're all trying to do. We're all trying to reach the balance. And I always teach that the balance is sort of in the middle and we're passing through it.

We come a little bit this side and we go a little bit that side. How we know we're out of balance is we're way over here. We're fatigued, we're anxious. We just wanna go to bed, we're tired, our muscles are tired. Or we're over here. Everything's exciting, and we're hyper, we're ready to go, we're way too hyper, you know? We're gonna burn out. So we wanna be as close as we can to this sort of middle ground. And the question is how do you know that you're putting in enough effort but you're not giving in, but at the same time, you're reaching that balance.

Now, for us and for me, how I do it is I start to see what are the signs of my body first? Because this is the vehicle that takes me forward, it's the vehicle that I need every day to get things done. If it's in bed and it's sick, it's no use to anybody. So I always see how's the body feeling? Is it tired? Is it fatigued? Is it getting on the verge of? Is it energetic? Is it too hyper? So I keep it within this boundary, and soon as it goes over here or over here, or is on the brink of, I do something to bring it back, usually the opposite, okay? So, it's like fire, you wanna put it out, you put some water on it. So that's how I do it.

First, the body. Body is giving me signals. I don't like this, I'm tired, you're pushing too hard. Then, the mind. Then I go to the mind. If the body's okay, then I go to the mind. What's happening in the mind? Is the mind fatigued? Is it not focused? Is it all over the place? Is it doubting things too much? So again, I've gone too far. So that's my sort of gauge. And of course, how do I feel spiritually? How do I feel today? Am I feeling fulfilled? Am I joyous? Or am I feeling a little bit blue, and I don't like the world so much today? So on those levels of physical first, mental next, and then spiritually, I sort of gauge it that way and then I know I've put in enough effort for today, I haven't been lazy, but I haven't got to the brink of imbalance, I've sort of stayed in that. And every day, that's how I do it, so you should test it out.

Always the things we talk about, you should test out so it becomes real to you. Because once you get the experience of it, and you've practiced it, then it's yours and you know where the boundaries are. Because everybody's balance boundaries are somewhere different than yours and every day, our own boundaries are slightly different so we need to get to know that so we can stay within.




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