Yogini Jaima: So every now and then we want to share with you the messages and teachings that are inspiring us and one of them was our guru's message for the new year. And it was different than what the usual new year's messages are, because it's usually about looking forward into the future, and setting intentions and resolutions, and you know, moving into that unknown. Rather he did a little twist and that's what gurus is do is they give you a different perspective. And when your perspective switches from this to say the opposite or that, what happens? Your awareness expands. And that's what a guru who does. They're constantly expanding your consciousness and your awareness.

Yogini Jaima: So on the new year he said to not look at the year ahead, but rather to look at the year past and to look at learning. He really emphasized how learning was,what was most important. And did that learning crystallize into wisdom so much that it changed the way that you handled situations, difficulties, how you responded and reacted in the days of your life.

Yogini Jaima: So it was a time to sit back and reflect positively on what did I do better this year than I did the year before? What learning? Because by the way, we live in the age of information and there's so much information coming at us and teachings and learnings and it's like ... and our head can just keep inputting it all. But is that learning becoming wisdom in the consciousness in fact.

Yogi Cameron: Is it converting into wisdom? Right? So information is one level, knowledge is something deeper. And when knowledge is digested and becomes a part of your consciousness, now you have wisdom, right? And then experience. It goes in that stages. Most people just have the information because we're on our laptops we're on the phone and we say, "Oh, did you know?" That's information. But you get into knowledge. Knowledge means it came from a system and the system is much deeper and is thousands of years old kind of thing. And then all the rest of it comes after that. The wisdom of the experience.

Yogini Jaima: So the message was, "If wisdom is resilient, then there is peace. Then there is happiness, there is joy. If it is not resilient and in embedded in one's ego, then there is never any peace." That was part of the message. But it was like, "Wow, what are the teachings that I've learned embedded in my ego?" That means that you will do things differently. The ego isn't going to say, "No me first. No, this is right. This is wrong. And continue to act in the way that it's always acted our entire life." But rather has that wisdom, you know, embedded itself in our ego to where the ego is under control and the wisdom can then become the higher force that's guiding you. And he spoke about honoring that wisdom and any learning that has crystallized in your consciousness and changed the past year of your life, to really honor and celebrate that.

Yogini Jaima: And we spent January kind of doing that. And interestingly enough, it becomes a practice that you can do every month. Look back on what you learned that month and is it starting to, you know, deeply become a new framework and the structure of your consciousness? You know, are you aware of it throughout the day and is it causing you to do stuff differently? And he says that, "If you can take all that wisdom and build a foundation that will allow you to move into the unknown of tomorrow, now looking at the year ahead, with more optimism and hope, skill and awareness, wisdom and understanding."

Yogini Jaima: That was a little message we wanted to show with you because it's something that in January has kind of been like this little vibration in the house, an awareness practice that we've been doing. That's quite beautiful.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah. Yeah, looking over the past a little bit last week, the last month, it really helps you to see where am I going so you can realign if you're not going the right direction that you want to go in. So don't put your head down and kind of go for six months and then come up for breath. You may have shifted a little bit onto another part. So keep breathing, keep focusing, and use the past a little bit as a reference to where you going next?

Yogini Jaima: Yeah. See you soon. Namaste.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah. See you soon. Namaste.



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