Yogi Cameron: Hi everyone, this is Yogi Cameron.

Yogini Jaima: And I'm Yogini Jaima, and this is Inspire Living. We are gonna share with you an herb that we use a lot, and it is ...

Yogi Cameron: Licorice.

Yogini Jaima: Licorice. I love licorice. It's not the licorice that you eat as candy, and that you're usually familiar with. It's actually doesn't taste or smell like that at all.

Yogi Cameron: I have eaten a lot of that in my time.

Yogini Jaima: You love licorice.

Yogi Cameron: Believe me. That stuff is made of wheat and white sugar and a whole bunch of stuff. Anyway. This, where does it come from?

Yogini Jaima: It actually comes from the root of the licorice plant, like ginger root. It's licorice root, and this is it in its powder form. If you can see it. It doesn't smell like licorice at all.

Yogi Cameron: Not at all. Nothing to do with the sweet at all.

Yogini Jaima: Although it is a little bit sweet when you take it.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah, yeah, we-

Yogini Jaima: Compared to the other Ayurvedic herbs-

Yogi Cameron: We add this to other herbs to also make it sweet as well 'cause it has that ... It's nice when herbs are super bitter. A little bit of licorice makes them nice.

Yogi Cameron: This is to do the respiratory. When you hear about licorice root, it's really good for the respiratory system. It's also good for the digestion. It's also good for the nervous system. But mainly in the wintertime, we take it for coughs, sore throats, the flu, anything to do with up here. So you got nasal congestion, all that stuff, this will clean you out. Why? Because it liquefies and breaks down mucus. That's what we want. Sometimes you eat too much, sometimes it's cold and hot, you go out of a building, you feel that sniff coming on, drink some of this, and you'll break that mucus up. Then, the body can get rid of it.

Yogi Cameron: Remember, when you got the sniffles and all that or a sore throat it means the body can't help itself enough, so this is perfect for that.

Yogini Jaima: It's very soothing for the throat. Often even when I've done a lot of talking or teaching, I'll drink a licorice tea just to soothe the throat.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah, great for singers, people who speak a lot and use their vocal chords.

Yogini Jaima: How do we prepare this? You can take hot water and use one or two teaspoons of the licorice. You can also take hot milk and add it with milk, or if you really want it, make it strong, you can mix it with warm ghee and then drink the ghee with the licorice powder, about one teaspoon.

Yogini Jaima: You can also, if you have a lot of mucus and you want to break up that mucus, add some ginger, black pepper ...

Yogi Cameron: Yeah. Stimulating. Yeah. One thing you gotta watch out is if you have hypertension, don't use too much of it, right? Because it will take up the blood pressure. Then also if you have osteoporosis, something weakness of the bones, licorice doesn't allow calcium and potassium to absorb into the bones. We use it for many different things, as we do with all herbs, but they all have a little bit of a counter-indication, so we watch out for that. It doesn't mean you don't use it, it just means you use less of it and you use some more other herbs.

Yogini Jaima: It's a great herb for the winter months-

Yogi Cameron: Oh wonderful.

Yogini Jaima: I find especially.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah, that sweet taste really sits on the palate really well. Anyway, we hope that helps you out and you start using licorice. Lots of love.

Yogini Jaima: Lots of love. Namaste.

Yogi Cameron: Namaste.






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