Yogi Cameron: Hi Everyone, this is Yogi Cameron.

Yogini Jaima: And I'm your Yogini Jaima.

Yogi Cameron: And this is Inspire Living where we answer your most pressing questions.

Yogini Jaima: The question is, how do I stop from feeling panic and anxiety?

Yogi Cameron: Two ways. Either you take care of the root cause, takes longer, or you take care of the surface. You can have a herbal tea, for example, with Valerian and St. John's Wort and use essential oils on the bottom of your feet and things like that. Those are preventative measures and they're more surface level because they help you sort of take the edge off, let's say.

They won't cure you completely or you spend the time on understanding what is the root cause of my panic? What am I panicking about? Right? And that's really more of a sure far way to get rid of it forever or to at least manage it. So those are the two things I would say. Sure, you can do both of them as well. It's kinda like, you got a cut on your hand and you put a bandaid on it.

That takes care of it for a moment, but if you don't realize I'm banging my hand all the time and cutting myself, that would be the root cause. Why am I doing that? Am I nervous? Am I, you know, got certain issues. So taking care of the root needs some time to think about. Has it been there a long time? Has it been there since childhood? You know, something like Claustrophobia for example.

Have you had it always or did you develop it? That's the first question. When did it start? 'Cause if you know the journey that you took to get to this point, you're going to be able to go backwards a little bit and understand something gave you that idea. It wasn't yours in the first place. It came to you and it was sort of a gift that you didn't want.

Yogini Jaima: So when Yogi is saying that you need to get at the root, it's that you need to get it at thought, because before feeling, there is a thought that is happening. Whatever we're thinking in the mind, then we start to feel that which we're thinking, so it's getting that root is what is that thought?

Maybe you didn't hear it or maybe you don't know that you're repeating it, but there's a dialogue going on even in your subconscious mind that's surfacing to your conscious mind, that's starting to make you feel anxiety and fear and panic. The Yogic Sciences teach us, we solve this by staying in the present moment. When the mind is thinking ahead of what is going to happen and what could happen and all of the possibilities in here and there whatever, it's imagining, right?

And it's not in the present moment or the mind is thinking in the past of oh, this happened to me before and this could happen again, but if you can let go of the past and that's mind training. And if you can let go of the future and stay in that present moment, you're going to be able to control those emotions of fear and anxiety and panic.

And how do we do that? Yogic practice, meditation. It is number one, the best cure for these symptoms.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah, there's many different practices you can do. As you know, when you have a panic attack, when you're in it, you're gone. You gotta have some tools to get you out of there.

Yogini Jaima: Yes.

Yogi Cameron: What we're talking about is going backwards, understanding where the cause is so you can start to cure it and at the same time have tools for when you're in it 'cause when you're in it, for example, you hold your breath a lot of times, right? And everything starts to get tense.

One of the tools you're gonna use is open your mouth, open your nostrils more and take that deep breath, breathe and start to make everything calmer. So that's a very important tool. And then meditation, nighttime, daytime; during the day as well. That will bring down your blood pressure, heart rate and everything, and you'll be able to, sort of calm down.

So these are the methods that we use. And of course it's a big topic and as you know, when you get a panic attack, it's a big topic. So we go into these things much deeper on Inspired Living.

Yogini Jaima: And you can always get yourself one of these

Yogi Cameron: She has helped me through so much panic, haven't you, baby? Seriously though, Emmy is, can do work as a service animal and is a therapeutic dog. In fact, anyone that comes to any of our retreats or things at the house will know that Emmy is right on their lap and taking them out of the mind and that's something that's beautiful relationship that humans and pets can have is that they take us out of our mind and start to relax us and let us feel comfort and peace and that energy of unconditional love.

So, you know, you could always get a little, a little rescue, go and rescue. There are so many animals that need homes and they can help you with that stuff too.

Yogini Jaima: Yeah, that's definitely another way to do it as well. So these are all tools, exterior tools, breathing interior tools. Whatever you do, start to practice, get your tools and know that when you're in it, you have a way of getting out of it as well. We'll see you soon. Namaste.

Yogi Cameron: Namaste.



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