Yogi Cameron: Hi guys, it's Yogi Cameron here, and this is Inspire Living. Now, let's go through some of the good and bad trends out there because there's a lot of trends. Things keep coming and going, everybody loves a little something different in their lives, so you keep trying different things and people keep coming up with different stuff. So, let's see three of these trends.

One is oat milk. I consider this pretty good because it's coming from oats. They're gluten-free if that's what you need. They're high in protein, they're good fiber. The have vitamins of B12 and D in them, so that's great. And then it's pretty light as well, so it's not thick milk. If that works in your system, great. It's a good thing. I don't consider that a trend. That's something that will stay because people enjoy it and at the same time is pretty good for you.

Now, home tech, I don't consider this a good trend. And it's getting worse because people's fridges are now telling them, "Hey, why don't you eat this?" Or, "Hey, I have this inside, eat that." Or the TV is telling you what to watch and things like that. The idea is you come home and you're tired of thinking so it takes the thinking out of it, but not actually because the fridge cannot tell you which element is out of balance in this moment. Is your digestion strong or not? Do you even need to eat in this moment? So you're relying on something artificial to tell you something organic, and it's kind of oil and water, it won't mix. So I would stay away from that because you need to be involved in your health. Because what you watch on TV is really important too because if you come home, you've had a really extremely bad day, and then you watch something which is horror, violence, and things like that, it just makes you more heavy and then when you wake up in the morning you have no energy. So, I wouldn't consider that a good trend.

The third one is a ketogenic diet, it's kind of become very popular now. It's a hit or miss, it's kinda in the middle. It's not for everybody and it's for some people. My point of view of diets are that if you go to one diet then it kind of says only do this, and that's not a balance. So, ketogenic diet says high fat, low carbs. The body needs a certain amount of carbs to turn it into energy and then use it, right? In the liver we need that, in the body we need that. But then it says high fat. Not everybody, people who are more earthy, for example, thicker skin, thicker bone, done need more fat. They need less fat and they need more vegetables and fruits and more organic things so they would be more plant-based, for example.

So, it's really something that you've got to try and see if it works for you, but I would suggest always to go and veer towards the natural balance diet which is when I eat these fruits and vegetables, they have a great effect on me. Great, I'll eat those. When I eat this dairy, it makes me feel down, or it makes me feel great. Then I leave that out and I eat that. And seasonally things will change as well.

So it's best that you're really involved in your health and you don't just leave it up to other people or trends to tell you or your fridge to tell you and all of that. And if you love oat milk, well, drink it. It's available and there's plenty of it, so.

Take good care.




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