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Now many of you have been asking about an eye exercise or what can you do to strengthen your eyes especially when they're fatigued. Because you are playing on your computers a lot, you're on your phone, all of that. And you're at work, you're in artificial light, and it's making your eyes really tired. Now a great practice is called netra vyayamam, the eye movements. I'll show you how they're done and then you can practice these at home. I don't advise you to do it straight away because it takes a little bit of practice first.

So you sit up tall. First, the spine is straight, the head is up. And you bring the gaze all the way to the top so you're really looking at the dark area, the periphery of the vision. So you inhale and then you exhale and you start to follow all the way around, the dark area of your optic vision. All the way into the corners and you're exhaling. Now when you hit the sort of six o'clock mark at the bottom, you start to inhale. And you come back up. So you inhale on the up all the way to the 12 and you exhale down to the six if you're visualizing a clock.

Then once you've done your round, you close your eyes and you breathe. And then you do the other side, going counter-clockwise. So you really press the eyes up so you can feel their muscles, 'cause it's the muscles of the eyes that need that release from the tension. You really press up so you can feel that stretch and then you inhale, exhale round. So as if you're following the second, you know the hand that's the second going one, two, three, four. You're really following that. And it's going all the way down to six o'clock. And when you hit six o'clock you go into the inhale from the exhale. And you go round very gently, slowly, but you're pressing into the sides because you want to really stretch.

And that's what releases all the tension in your eyes. So I'll go round with you if you wanna go through it now. Sit up tall, bring your vision all the way to the dark area at 12 o'clock. Inhale and start to exhale and go round as if you're going past one and two and three and four and five and six and you kick into your inhale. And seven and eight and nine and 10 and 11 and back up to 12. Close the eyes, inhale, exhale. Again, open the eyes and we'll go counter-clockwise. Pressing into the top at 12 o'clock, counterclockwise. Exhaling, going round.

And you can really feel that stretching going on. You bring it all the way to 6 o'clock at the bottom and now you're inhaling. So see if you can not be jumpy in your motion. Be very smooth, go easy. You arrive at 12 o'clock, close the eyes. Inhale and exhale, good. So that's a quick eye exercise you can do. You can do it quickly. It's better to do it slowly because you can really stretch the muscles. It will get rid of the fatigue.

Try it, it even betters your eyesight. I've been doing it for many years, it's definitely helped my eyesight get better. So happy practising. I'll see you soon.




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