Yogi Cameron: Hi, everyone. I'm Yogi Cameron.

Yogini Jaima: I'm Yogini Jaima.

Yogi Cameron: This is Inspire Living. We have a really nice nighttime blend for you. We know you're at work, you're working hard, you come home and you want to relax, but we don't relax with watching more TV and getting on our computers and surfing the net.

Yogini Jaima: The mind doesn't.

Yogi Cameron: That doesn't relax us. Life is fast. You've already been living your whole day, and nighttime should be a time where you start getting the mind in a calm place so you can actually sleep and not be thinking all night during your sleep. This is really going to help you with that.

Yogini Jaima: Blends like this help to induce that state, that calming the nervous system and calmness of mind and body. This is one of my favorite blends. It's chrysanthemum and lavender. I like to use 12 chrysanthemum buds and a quarter teaspoon of lavender. That's a little stronger than you would usually use these herbs, but we're using it medicinally to induce relaxation and sleep in the evening, so that's why it's this quantity. Take a cup of boiling water and let it steep for eight minutes. This is important because the longer that you steep it, the more potent it will become and help to induce so you can have a good, deep, restful sleep.

Yogi Cameron: It's like a sedative.

Yogini Jaima: It is.

Yogi Cameron: You can make a cup. You can sip on it, have one or two cups during the night, depends what size you are. It depends how tired you are, how much you need to ... Quantity depends on you. It doesn't depend on what we say. We bring you the blends, but then you've got to test it out and say, "Tonight, I need a little bit more or I need one cup, which is stronger, or I'm going to be up for the next five hours, so I'll have two cups," which is strong, but not as strong as one cup maybe.

Yogini Jaima: Take it and see. It actually works as a very strong sedative for me. We know. I'm like, "Oh, my gosh. My hands are so heavy."

Chrysanthemum, we know that lavender is calming. I love to use lavender essential oils, as well, when I'm going to bed at the bottoms of my feet, but chrysanthemum has a heap of beneficial properties outside of calming the nervous system. It's potent in vitamins A, B, C, zinc, magnesium. It's an antiinflammatory. It's great if you have any inflammation in the bones, in the joints, in the body. Women, it's great for us during our cycle for any inflammation and bloating. It's also great for hyperthyroid.

Yogi Cameron: And the blood pressure, bringing the blood pressure down because both of these are cooling, and whenever you drink something cooling, it usually brings down the blood pressure.

Yogini Jaima: Chrysanthemum and lavender, happy drinking and happy sleeping.

Yogi Cameron: I'd like to throw in there that I like to add a little honey to it because I like sweet things.

Yogini Jaima: Honey's also a sedative.

Yogi Cameron: It works that way for you, too. Happy drinking. Namaste.

Yogini Jaima: Namaste.



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