- Hi, you guys. It's Yogi Cameron here and this is Inspire Living.

I have a hormone formula for you that's really great for the body. It's mainly for the female and the female energy in the woman but male energy can take this as well so, here we go. We have three different herbs and they interact really nicely together.

First we have manjistha. Manjistha is a blood cleanser known in ayurveda. Then we have ashwagandha, which is a herb which is great for sleep and it's good for energy. It has that dual purpose. You would think something that's good for sleep isn't good for energy as well but this one is. And then we have shatavari which is an asparagus. It's really a cooling herb and it's good for your endocrine system.

So, when we're mixing these three, what are we doing? We are helping the endocrine system which is the gland system. That's where all your hormones come from. So we want those to be balanced and these three nicely balance that because manjistha, cleaning the blood as well helps get rid of toxicity much quicker in the body and excess hormones and they help to build up the hormone to the balanced level.

Now, recovering from debility, for example, or your body's weak, thing like that, ashwagandha really helps with that. But when we're talking about the hormone system, we want every gland to work properly and the reason we have problems with the hormones is because we have problems in the root cause which is the gland itself.

So we may be having different activities, having the time of the month, for example or your high stress, cortisol levels are up. All of these are coming from the glands so these herbs help really to go to those areas. Obviously they all go through the blood, through the digestive system and they help to balance the system. And then they nurture the glands. They give them health.

So it's one thing balancing your hormones but what about the health of the glands themselves that produce the hormones? We wanna have good health for them and we do them primarily, not so much through food, we do them through these herbs and that's why we need to take nice herbal formulas to always have that endocrine system that is helping our immune system, for example, as well.

They're kind of our defenses and they really need a lot of help because of pollution and stress and all of those things. So, mix these three up. I tend to use one teaspoon of each and half a cup to three quarters of a cup of boiling water, mix it up, you can add a little bit of sugar if you want, some natural sugar and then sip on that. Maybe once or twice or three times a day. It just depends on the severity of your issue, how much imbalance you have in your hormones.

I would start with one cup and then see and work your way up to two and always take it on an empty stomach so you're not mixing it with food. Have fun with it, this is a good one. Doesn't taste so great but it will do you a lot of good.





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