Yogini Jaima: Hi everyone I'm Yogine Jaima.

Yogi Cameron:  And I'm Yogi Cameron, and this is Inspire Living.

Yogini Jaima: We are going to talk about the three yogic techniques to make the most empowering resolution.

Yogi Cameron:  Yeah, if you follow these three you will surely have success in what you want to do. The very first thing is, make it important and the reason is because when you have self interest in something, and it's a part of your makeup, it's a part of your nature, it's part of your work, it's part of something that you naturally can jump into, you'll do it.

Yogi Cameron:: Right, your interest will be there. You won't just drop it. If you pick something that's sort of random and your friend brought it up, and you're like hey, it's the new year, let's make a resolution- and you're yeah cool, I'm going to go to the gym, I'm going to take guitar lessons or whatever it is, you're not going to.

Yogi Cameron:: And most people don't and fail because their not that interested in it.

Yogini Jaima: That's right. Two great points that you just hit. Get into a place of awareness. When you start to think what intention am I going to set? What is most important to me right now in my life to commit to and to put my energy into?

Yogini Jaima:  You need to have that emotional connection with that intention, that resolution and failure.

Yogini Jaima: If you set an intention and a resolution that isn't important to you, and it fades away in the first couple weeks of the new year, your subconscious is not going to forget that you did not follow through with that.

Yogini Jaima: Your subconscious whether you know it in the conscious mind saying, how many new year's resolutions have you set that faded away that never happened.

Yogini Jaima: Well the subconscious mind is holding on to all of that. It was activated. It was ready to go and put it into action and follow through with that intention that your conscious mind set, but you didn't follow through with it because that's the control that you have on the conscious level.

Yogini Jaima: So what starts to happen is that that starts to eat away at your self esteem and your self worth, subconsciously and then it comes onto a physical level.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah and you get discouraged.

Yogini Jaima: Yeah.

Yogi Cameron: Now once you've found something it's important, pick one thing. The tendency is super excited, three things are going to be amazing and what happens? One fades, two fades, and then maybe you're really interested in one thing but you just now don't have any energy.

Yogini Jaima: Absolutely. You have so much vital energy in your body. We call it prana in the yogic culture. If you choose three things you're going to take that energy and dissipate it into three channels.

Yogini Jaima: So use your vital prana and really focus. Use that energy on one thing that is most important to you.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah because from the first step, make it important the second step is focus and pick one thing. Why? Because if one thing is that important to you, you're going to have follow through.

Yogini Jaima: Sure.

Yogi Cameron: Right? Because that brings us to our third step which is the energy you put behind it.

Yogi Cameron: If something is important to you, you've picked one thing, now it's much simpler to put energy behind it rather than something's not that important. I've got three things, and our energy dissipates.

Yogini Jaima: Because you've connected to it and in order to bring that resolution and that intention into a reality in your life, it's going to take energy.

Yogini Jaima: You need to feed that intention every day. You need to keep that energy every single day, and keep you know like watering a plant. Right?

Yogi Cameron: Yeah.

Yogini Jaima: You can't just plant the plant in a beautiful pot with soil and water it once and then let it go.

Yogini Jaima: In one week it's going to suffer and slowly it will die. So in the same way you need to constantly nourish this new seed that you've planted.

Yogi Cameron: Yeah. So surely you will have success. Just follow the three steps. Make something important, find one thing, put energy behind it, see it through. Get to it. Experience it and then that will give you the energy to pick something else and pick something else and then you'll be in a rhythm.

Yogi Cameron: You'll know exactly what to do next time and the time after that and you won't let go of it until you really succeed.

Yogi Cameron: So happy practicing and we look forward to hearing all your stories, and if you want to go deeper into these practices come and join us on Inspire Living on the membership site. That's where we even get deeper and deeper into this knowledge and yogic practices.

Yogi Cameron: So namaste, take good care. See you soon.




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